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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


ugh. i feel like i have not had any time to blog what's been going on in my life and it's killin' me! so i'm going to try to play catch up in this one post, then keep you more up date.
first, this should be more possible because school has officially been out for a week now! i'm enjoying the break, but i really did love my students. i wish them the best of luck with boards! here's us celebrating their last clinical..
then a couple weekends ago ray and i took a trip to dallas to watch my little brother play soccer and shop at ikea (guess what my motivating factor was!). now our house feels like a home with a new rug, curtains, and coffee table in the living room!
and thanks to chesapeake! ray and i received 4 tickets to the thunder vs. sonics game. we took my sister and her boyfriend, and had a great time! we were ahead the whole time, until the pulled ahead by 1 at the very end :c( we also deep fried our first turkey last week (and survived)! ray in his gloves and goggles would of made a great pic, but i was stuck in the kitchen try to save a 'nothing's going right' dinner.. but i thought this pic was entertaining~ PHOTOGRAPH BY RENEE KNOEBER/DULUTH NEWS-TRIBUNE
then on sunday i experienced on of the most glorious days. we were in sand springs with my step dad and i did nothing but read and watch football. no cooking, cleaning, unpacking, editing, grading, etc. and the book i started was written by neighbor of my step dad's, and it's really good. i'm almost done already, you should check it out!and last but not least, here's honey. every time i think she's getting better, she goes and does something silly :c) it's cause she still has those puppy eyes!
i hope you all enjoyed a happy thanksgiving weekend!

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Mary Marantz said...

what a cute pup!! gotta love that ikea shopping!!

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