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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The first article

No, I did not wash away in the flooding that happened here on Monday (although we are surrounded by the damages, and very grateful that we are dry).
No, I did not go to another country for soccer, like my little brother Brett will be doing this summer, or like I said I'd do years ago when they announced that the World Cup was in South Africa.
No, I did not leave the state like I have been every other weekend for the past couple months.
Yes, I worked and shot and edited and ordered and served. And I kept putting off blogging, and as my to-blog list grew like the mounds of clothes on my closet floor, I treated them the same, leaving items I was 'finished with' on the 'floor' with the others instead of 'putting them up'. If my floor stays clean, I put the next article of clothing up, but if a let a couple go.. it's a big mess! But what's the first step in cleaning my closet? I pick up that first article and put it in it's place.. and that's what this is! This is the first solo camping trip that Ray and I have taken together, and I'm 'putting it up'!
On Memorial weekend we traveled down to the Wichita's, a part of Oklahoma I had never been to. I was amazed that we were still in OK! There were 'mountains' and cactus and wildlife.. oh my! Before we could even get to our campsite, we had to stop for a couple bison who were butting heads in the middle of the road!

Here's a lizard we found on our first hike- stunning colors..

Ray shot this, I love the wildflowers!

I'm amazed something so delicate can be produced by something so harsh..

Mmmm.. flowers, trees, clouds, heaven :c)

I thought Honey would love her time in nature.. I just didn't realize it would be soooo hot! At this point, she found some shade and said "i'm done!"

We drove to a lookout point, so pretty-

This was a random shot, but for some reason I like weird Honey shots :c)

"Honey, look at the camera for our first family portrait!"

"I said look at the camera... don't make me treat you like my clients!"

haha! :c)

Expect more to come, and thanks for waiting the almost-2 weeks!


~abi~ said...

aw, i love this post! isn't that part of our state so pretty??

ps i am exactly like you w/ putting up clothes and blogging! great analogy!

ashley o. said...

It is! I was so amazed when you took those pics down there, I had a hard time believing it was OK! Now i know!
as for the posts.. put some up... i want to see more!

Echo | Photoworks said...

Sheesh, Ashley - you didn't have to CHOKE Honey. LOL

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