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Friday, March 13, 2009

catch up

hello, hello..yes i'm still alive..
we are 2 weeks into march and this is only my 2nd post.. yikes!
i have been pretty busy lately with school, and i've been trying to work all my shifts at deaconess, and when i'm not doing those 2 things, i'm frantically trying to finish up my last wedding before we get to my next one (which is tomorrow!). aaand i think my inability to read blogs has kind of assisted with my lack of blogging. so here goes my review of the last 2 weeks.
first, i sold $130 dollars worth of art at our show in the hair salon! and our pics are back up at vintage coffee, right next to our fellow photo lifer, creel mcfarland's, studio!
in other great news, the best thing to come out of my birthday party was probably the purchase of our grill.. ray has been busy grilling burgers, pork chops, sausage (from fabulous tipton!), and last night it was steaks. yumm! and with the spring/summer season coming up, i am excited for more to come!
ray and i had a date last sunday-at the climbing gym. it was a good day spent together, but i realize how weak i am now! i'm debating a membership to the chesapeake gym, it's a good price, but the hours are restricted. and speaking of working out.. i haven't been on a good run since we ran the equivalent of the 10k. i think i figured i met my goal, but the race is coming up in april, so i really need to be getting after it (it's just so cold right now!).
our roomie nic is moved in, and i think things are working out well. honey doesn't bother him too much, so that's a good deal. although honey did have quite a scare today, she pulled the plug on our tv and shocked herself. she wimpered and was shacking and totally freaked out.. she had me freaked out trying to find what scared her! (i was picturing the big ugly rat from lady and the tramp). well, hopefully she learned a leason.
okay, that's it for my boring post. i just finished tim and abbra's wedding pictures, so i'll post those in a new post..

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