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Friday, March 27, 2009

melissa&tim: engaged

green #3.
i don't know if i've told you yet, but the girls in the last 2 posts i made were cousins. and now, this is their aunt. i photographed 3 out of the 4 family members of the green family (the other one lives in arkansas) all in one week. i credit my wedding ring to the green's because they took my husband in to live while he was saving up money to buy my bling bling. they are a super cool family (and super cute, as you've already seen). melissa is the youngest, and due to be wed this summer. she is marrying tim, and this crazy couple was a blast to shoot (as you can tell by the numerous pics!)
here it goes.

we shot in downtown okc, where the trees were in full, spring-time bloom!
check out the dip! they practice this at home :c)
this was undirected, which i love!
color, color, color! and cuteness!
love the sweetness :c)
now we're in downtown!
i love this city scene
they are due to be wed on june 20th
(giving me 3 wedddings in 3 different states on that one day!)
if you can't tell.. they're a little excited!
goofin' off
their first date was starbucks..
see, cute. so there were actually many more from this shoot that i loved, but i figured this would do. and tonight we got to hang out with the green family for some homemade food, movies, and icecream, yumm! good luck staying warm tomorrow! i have a shoot to do for pl.tv if it doesn't get cancelled due to weather...

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Kelly Beane said...

ashley, these are so so cute & fun! i especially love the city ones!

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