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Monday, March 2, 2009

my golden bday party!

my golden birthday has come and gone..
we celebrated saturday night with a gold-themed b-day party at our house. although it didn't turn out to quite be the party i planned- snacks, the wii, a 'photo-booth' room, and different games stations- it was still a lot of fun. instead we had a feast of fajitas, snapshot pictures, and a fun game of charades! i've got to give some credit to my tulsa crew for stepping up to the plate.. they drove all the way down, decked out in gold, and stayed until we shut it down. but sadly, i did not get a picture of the whole crew. here are the pictures i do have...
my mom and sister surprised me with baking me a homemade cake! (this has been a tradition for us since we were little, so it was very special to me :c)
*note the crown, mom..

i'm officially so old that i didn't have the lung capacity to blow out all my candles!!

here's my plg crew (of course playing with the camera ;c)
cheryl was a big help with getting the food done! thanks girl!
me and my best bud summer!
me and my photo girl belinda
and here's honey, upset that she can't join the party even though she's wearing her gold tie..

my sister took some more pictures, so hopefully i'll get those downloaded and i can share with you. i also want to thank lindsey for the beads.. they were a big hit! now we'll see where God leads me in this 25th year of my life.

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Patina by Belinda said...

aww our picture is cute...althought it has made me realize I am in dire need of a tan...

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