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Monday, August 31, 2009

a birthday sunday

what a wonderful sunday!
i got to sleep in with ray, listen to an awesome message at church, take pictures of cute birthday kids, take pictures of our friends from our lifegroup, and get to know some of our neighbors better. aand, the weather was fabulous. the only thing i didn't do was post this blog yesterday. and yesterday was important, because the oldest of my texan siblings turned 16 yesterday! now here's where i could go into the 'he's getting so old! boy i remember when i used to change his diapers, wipe his nose, and watch him play with his cars while only wearing his underwear!' i could, but i won't. #1 it might embarrass him. #2 it might make me sound old. so we won't go there. instead, i'll let you see what a handsome young man he is

speaking of birthdays, one of our neighbors/friends called to see if i could take some pics of their 2 kids for an invite for their joint bday party at the end of the month. i said of course! (this is the man who resurrected my computer, so i owe him more than a few pics!)
here's their little girl, avery
and their son, mason
what a better way to say birthday than with icecream!

now i have a clarification from my last post. i guess you can't me married and have a surprise with out it being a baby. it's not a baby! or at least not ray and i's baby. it may be the baby of my and my photography (clue #1). so don't worry darla, you will not find out your a grandma by looking at your computer screen. :c)

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