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Saturday, August 29, 2009

an update, prayer request, and one cute kid

meet austin. he is my next door neighbor, and one super cute kid.
i was able to babysit autsin yesterday while his mom took his younger sister to a doctors appointment.
this is where the prayer request comes play.
austin's younger sister, kate, is a cute little girl who's about to turn 1. the problem is, developmentally, she's not like most almost-one-year-olds. although she's been seen by specialist after specialist (GI, nuero, and even a geneticist), no one knows whats wrong, yet. so i'm asking for prayer. prayer for healing, a diagnosis, trust, comfort, rest, knowledge, and a miracle. i know sarah and chris will appreciate it. and i will too, so thank you in advance! i'll keep you posted on any updates.
in other news, i've got several big things about to happen. one's a secret, but will hopefully get to be revealed very soon :c) another is that i will be starting my 3rd semester of teaching next week. i'll be teaching the same clinicals i did last semester (senior nursing students at mercy, then st. anthony). my schedule is quite full for the next 2 months, with deaconess every mon/tues. teaching every wed/thurs. the next 3 saturday's i'll be shooting weddings. then the 3 friday's after that, i'll shoot 1 wedding and attend 2. whew! my anniversary is also at the end of next month, with a possible camping trip to celebrate.
i'm looking forward to most of it, hesitant about some of it, but grateful for every last bit :c)

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