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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the spirit of tipton

as i was explaining,
every year the little town of tipton holds the annual tipton church picnic. former residents, families, and surrounding neighbors flock back to the town the first weekend of every august. there's games, bingo, dinner, softball, an auction, and beer and burgers. all proceeds from the event are for the privately owned tipton school. so image, instead of going door to door selling chocolates and wrapping paper (i always hated fundraisers..), you throw a big party, have the whole town pitch in, and raise over $100,000 in one weekend! that's right, a town of 250 can raise more than $100,000 in one weekend. i don't have the total number for this year yet, but the auction and raffle tickets alone netted $75, 000.. not a bad start! and this, my friends, is one of my favorite aspects of a small town (well this, and the fact that my aunt bought a house that's as much as the next car i want to purchase! but thats another story). the community spirit is so alive in tipton, with everyone in town, from young to old, required to help with the picnic. the donations are over and above (even in this economy.. a homemade quilt went for $3000 at auction), but it's understood that this is what keeps the school alive, and tipton is passionate for it's school. for example, several years ago when the state of kansas took away funds for their public elementary school, the town threw together a new elementary school in less than 50 days, working day and night to construct a new building from scratch. i love it. so i hope that i have created a picture of the spirit of tipton, because it's nothing i've been able to capture in my camera (maybe that will be next years mission..). here's a glimpse of what i did capture~

ray scouting out the competition at the washers tournament..
i love my aunt lisa, a current tiptonite
here, my cousin bryce was playing with his sister (in the swing behind). i love seeing my cousins grown up in the same place i did :c)
here's his sister, enjoying the ride
my cousin caitlin, from colorado
here's my family supporting my cuosin's team in the annual softball tournament
(who ended up taking home the championship!)
my cousin anna. i like the chain link fence here..
more use of the fence to frame the face
my cousin, most likely hitting a home run.. it's what he does
wow i love a fast shutter.. isn't the suspended ball cool?
don't worry though, she makes contact on this next pitch
the scene at the fields
my cousin mason showing off the exceptional burgers
you can't beat this seasoned grill..
i spent most of my day at the softball fields, and didn't carry my camera during the night, when most of the activities of the picnic occur. so that's why all you get is softball pics. but i will share one more kansas staple.. the sunflower (the state flower). we drove by this field on our way home, and i've told myself to take the time and stop when i see sights i want to photograph, and i'm glad i did!
love the butterfly, who complied when i asked if he would by my model
a true kansas view
God is good.


Brandi Sue said...

love the sunflowers!!!

Navya said...

Very beautiful shots. thanks for sharing
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