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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mai's 6 month

you might recognize mai from her first session with me.
or you might not. she's changed some.. these little babies are growing and changing so fast, i can't keep up! i've been really excited though, because after a batch of them were born about 6 months ago, i've been able to see everyone again for their 6 month pics.. love it! we shot mai's 6 month session at her grandparents house (a house that, to me, represents my wedding ring. sounds odd, i know, but back when we were dating, ray decided to live with his friend's parents free of rent so he could save up for my ring! they are a super family :c) okay, back to mai now. her mom, xuan (pronounced sun) came to the shoot with a ton of props and ideas.. and i just got to shoot! i love my creative clients
here's mai workin it with a red rose
love the expressions of mai and xuan
precious profile
my fav- you can beat eyelashes, pearls, and a tutu
love this as well
then we ventured outside where it was actually cooler than in the hot room..

green grass in august... gotta love the rain!
here micah (dad) was holding mai, and she was happy as a bug (cute as one as well)
ps.. if you totally love this head peice, which, what's not to love, xuan creates these adorable headbands.. let me know if you want her info!
mai's blue steel
family pic!
i really put micah to work during this shoot..

i love this kiss for aunt melissa!
precious :c)
i'm working on 2 more family sessions, and will be taking another 6 month session tonight.. yay!

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