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Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

happy halloween!!
this is a post from the mixture of halloween events over the past week. again, i tried to make them all cool and spiffy with boarders and my logo, but photoshop kept freezing up on me, and it's way to nice outside for me to be in here trying to fix this.. so you'll see pics both ways.
to start, here's some pumpkins from the carving party i had on tuesday with my good friends, beth, sydnie, nichole and thier hubbies

and here's the pumpkin carving party at my house on sunday. if you didn't make it, i'm going to try to keep it up as an annual tradition, so join us next year! (ps, forgive me if these next few pics aren't the best, i don't do a great job of hosting and photographing..)

here's the kids table with their mad crazy decorating skills

lily and hannah showing off their stellar pumpkins

the adult table


loren and his evil eye..

what it takes to create a masterpiece!

i helped lindsey carve this kitty

and here's my puppy taking it easy (after knocking down a couple of the kids above..) photo courtesy of ray

here's our baby torture session...

ray carvin' it up

meet art! he'se soon to be our new roomie (he'll start moving in this week!)

our 2 life group babies.. aren't they cute!

chris trying to make it up to his son for the whole pumpkin ordeal :c)

here's ray and our friend/fellow coworker at the chesapeake halloween party yesterday. even though they look pretty stinkin' awesome as walker texas ranger and ranger trabet, they didn't place in the costume party.

they are pretty upset because they got beat out by fuzzy dice... (this is not my picture, but ray wanted me to post a pic just so you'd know). they were not happy

and to end on a happy note, this is the sunset we got to drive towards on our way home from tulsa last saturday.. beautiful!

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