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Monday, October 12, 2009

my weekend

hello! okay, i know my posts have been a little too few and far between lately, but let me start this one with an explanation. first of all, since i didn't get to have the formal announcement that my new blog was up and ready (most of you let me know before i even realized it), this is actually the surprise i've been talking about. this, and the new logo, that was so fabulously designed by my aunt lez. even though this all seems so simple, it took a lot of emailing, questioning and answering, and decision making to get this all together. and since i didn't really get into photography for all the above, it doesn't really come naturally to me. but, i'm happy to say things are in place now (for the most part, we're still working on a few things..). but thank you, for all your kind words :c)
now that all that's explained, i would like to share my weekend with you! ray and i drove up to tulsa for a wedding of an old high school friend of mine (my 6th wedding in 6 straight weeks). it was a bit chilly, but the five oaks lodge was warm and inviting, and it was great to see some old friends.
here's the scene that we walked into (we were running a bit late due to coming from tulsa, we even had to leave or dog honey in the car for the ceremony..) but how beautiful is this!
ray and i cuttin' it up on the dance floor :c)
the dashing groom
i love my high school buds
this was craig and betsy's last dance, their photog had left already, so i felt free to shoot away!
they weren't afraid to enjoy the night.. how every bride and groom should be
i think he's smitten..
they really put on a show for their loved ones :c)
congrats craig and betsy and enjoy Hawaii!
then on saturday, my sweet little husband set up a day of fun for me with my best friend, summer
our day started with breakfast at the wild fork in tulsa, and it was fabulous

then we went to see my friend's craft booth (more on that later this month) at the tulsa holiday market.

then for our big surprise, ray set us up with a mani/pedi (i really am not a fan of that term, fyi) and a full body hot stone massage. it was fabulous, esp. not knowing what was coming! but, silly us forgot to get a picture to document the spa.. so you get this
but we ended that night at chile's with ray and some of our friends.
we were tired.. but thoroughly enjoyed the day :c)
i hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

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