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Thursday, October 8, 2009

what one photo can say

first of all, i'd like to say happy 75th birthday to my grandpa becker!!
and how appropriate that i've been saving this post to be my first post on my new blog, and it happens to be on his birthday. before i get to the pictures, i want to give a major thanks to nikki with expressive style graphics for putting together this awesome blog for me! she really worked hard to get all of my requests in place, and i love how it turned out. i also want to thank all of you guys for sharing your love for the blog, with out you, this would all be kind of pointless :c)
onto the post. when i was in tipton, ks for the annual church picnic (which, by the way, raised $116,231 in one weekend!), i found this picture of my grandpa's wedding. several things hit me about this one picture
1). what great looking grandparents i have! and how my grandma never changed.
2). the importance of what i'm doing, giving my clients something that their grandchildren will look back on and be amazed with. i love that fact.
3). the story (that i will soon tell) that is captured in this one photo.

pretty good lookin', huh? okay, so here's the story i promised. see the 2 flower girls, and their expressions towards each other?
this flower girl is looking down at the shoes/socks of the other flower girl in extreme jealousy.and this little flower girl is saying 'back off girl-you ain't gettin' these!'
ha! what a funny moment to be captured on film! and that's what makes me realize the importance of what i do, capture moments to be remembered for years, only now i do it digitally instead of on film. and my grandpa also told me that this picture was taken at about 8:00 on a tuesday morning (they had to drive to another town to get their pictures made before the ceremony..). i sure am grateful that this has changed!
here's one last closeup of the birthday boy with his beautiful bride
dang grandpa! for a farmer, you sure do clean up good! my grandma is no longer with us here, but she sure was one amazing woman, and i enjoy getting to see her all dressed up, a glowing in love :c)


capturedbycheryl.com said...

Hey girlie...congrats....your blog looks wonderful!!!

Lindsey said...

Happy new blog, cousin! So excited for you!

Kelly Beane said...

love the new blog! hope all is well your way!

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