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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

priscilla&shleby: engaged

here's a super fun couple, priscilla and shelby, who are scheduled to get married next year.
fun fact about me being there photographer.. i was actually there when shelby proposed about a year ago. i work with priscilla at deaconess, and shelby popped the question at work! and it turns out this photo shoot was a collaboration of deaconess employees as well. our coworker, tawna, did a fabulous job with priscilla's gorgeous hair. and another coworker, shannon, was my second shooter during this shoot. the only person who did not help us during this shoot was mother nature, because it was freezing this friday morning, then was nice for the rest of the weekend... but as any couple in love, these two sacrificed comfort to express their love :c)
we caravaned up to guthrie to start this shoot out with some color.
these are the first 3 keepers out of my camera. it pretty much describes how the rest of the shot went. priscilla can't keep her eyes off of shelby, shelby licks priscilla, and they both roll in laughter, so cute :c)

there was also a lot of undirected kissing

love the look of this shot

my super steathly spying...

look at them work it!

love their expressions here

there is also one of these with shleby licking priscilla...

this was priscilla's idea, and i think it turned out fabulous!

after guthrie we took a trip down penn to my favorite country scene

love it

i was so blessed with priscilla's way to speak with her eyes, your beautiful!

aww.. i love this field

my favorite, hands down

i think this turned out cute!

i'm not even sure if they realized i was there during most of this shoot..

a good shot of a great couple

here's one i took that included shannon, my coworker/second shooter

and here's one she got of me... looks like a shoot sac ad!

to view entire session (including shannon's pics), visit www.ashleyophoto.com/photocart
click on Priscilla&Shelby Engagment, password is the bride-to-be's last name


Patina by Belinda said...

Love it! I need to know where this field is that your always using!

Brandi Sue said...

I tried to get my husband to take one with me inside a truck like that but he was afraid there would be snakes :( so I had us stand in front of the truck and I sat my camera to shoot us through the back window and the broken glass in the front...it looked neat! You can see it in this album... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31011645&l=c17f8d2a36&id=177802057

Great shots! My fave is the one you said was your fave too.

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