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Thursday, November 19, 2009

an update on my life

i'd say it's about time to update you on my life :c)
i've been pretty busy finishing up the portrait season, so that's why you've had so many photo shot posts (which i know you enjoy more..). but now that it's slowing down, you get to here more about me.. yay!
first thing, i am officially done teaching for this year! this was my last week, and although i enjoy the students, i'm always happy to get my wednesday and thursday evenings back. here's my group of students at a baby shower we threw for daveron last week.

here's my first ever diaper cake to make! (sorry it's all blown out, i was in auto mode)

and this, if you can believe it, was the class clown of the group. ohh, the laughs cara gave us!

and here was what ray and i did (if you can believe it) on my first free thrusday night.. attended the osu game! (you'll notice neither of us are in orange, sorry summer!)

now i get to bake for my friends and lifegroup couple, michelle and boz, who are proud new parents as of monday (welcome beckham!), try to decorate for christmas some, and babysit for another lifegroup couple so they can enjoy an evening together.. i'm enjoying this free time!

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

Sweet....I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Love you!!!

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