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Sunday, November 22, 2009

our tree farm trip

let me start this post by stating that i am all about celebrating Christmas only after properly observing thanksgiving. with that being said, i have to admit that i have Christmas lights on my house as i type this (4 days before t-giving), but... they are off. and will remain off until we get back in town after thanksgiving weekend. and at that time we will go to pick up our Christmas tree that we picked out today :c) yup, we shopped for trees and put lights up on this beautiful november day. i have to thank my clients from saturday, justin and janna, for mentioning the sorghum mill's tree farm, where you can shop for your Christmas tree as it still grows.. and even chop it down yourself if you want! now, for me to describe today is to describe a little bit of heaven for me.. a beautiful day, in God's glorious nature, surrounded by trees, with the man i love (and my camera in hand ;c). if your used to buying a real Christmas tree, i would highly suggest you check this place out!

a little warning sign

i enjoyed the large, deciduous trees that loomed over the rows of evergreens


a spooky look

my hubby and i :c)

this is a baby of the kind of tree that we loved, but couldn't find at the right height

playing with light

our tree! ray is tagging it so we can come back for it after thanksgiving

back off! this beautiful tree belongs to the ofosu's

i love this man

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Patina by Belinda said...

I told micheal that I wanted to have a real tree this year...and since they changed the discounts at UTS I think i might have to get one! When I have kids I want to go and pick out our tree like this though!

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