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Friday, November 13, 2009

Issac's 9 Month

here's some more familiar faces! it's already been 3 months since issac's 6 month shoot, so that means i got to spend another beautiful morning with the russell's in their hometown, guthrie. i have been enjoying watching the kids grow through their first year, and this man didn't cease to amaze me. seriously, you will fall in love with those eyes!

we shot at a new guthrie location, a little park on the edge of town

love this moment~

showing off his hat :c)

see what i mean!!

he's so precious.. and even though those wet eyes make it look like he's been crying, he wasn't. i think it was just the wind, even my eyes were tearing up

i just couldn't decide between all these cute faces, so i thought i'd show them all!

then we spotted this crazy gator!

i was surprised with how well isaac enjoyed his halloween costume

then i caught this moment :c)

this was an unposed shot, but i think it's cute

so much love in this sweet family

and they know how to have some fun too!


i was diggin' all the fall trees

and mindy and ryland were diggin' their cute son

because mindy is the queen at accomplishing as much as possible, we shot fall, halloween, and christmas picture all in this one session. awesome!

i'm really getting suckered into these kids...

to view the entire session, visit http://ashleyophoto.com/photocart
click on Issac's 9 month, the password is Issac's last name, followed by the number 2 (no spaces)


Brandi Sue said...

Such a cute session! Great job :)

Kelly Beane said...

so stinkin' adorable ashley!!

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