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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Showers 3,4, & 5

So we are officially in Full Term Zone! I hit 37 weeks on Saturday, which means this kid can come anytime now, or a month from now... that's the crazy thing. I wanted to have everything completely done by last weekend, but I'm not quite there yet (and he hasn't given me any signs of coming yet, so I think we're okay). I'm still washing clothes and using gift cards to buy up the last things we need, but we were extremely blessed at our showers to get so much for this little man! Originally I wanted one big shower, but ended up with 5 different showers.. each different and fabulous! My last 3 showers happened within 4 days, so I'll share them all here.

My 3rd shower was a combined baby shower thrown by Sydnie and Nichole for Beth, Ashley, and I. We have been a close group of friends for years now, and it just happened that 3 of us are pregnant at the same time, all with boys and all within a month of each other!
These girls are party throwin' fools, so there were some very cute details at this party.

The song "You are my Sunshine" was the theme
And what's a theme without a matching shirt! We hope to get a picture of all the babies in the adorable onesies... if Isaiah isn't busting out of this newborn tee by the time the last one gets here..
And the food.. delicious. The menu was set off of our cravings from pregnancy.. mac and cheese, piazza, and hot sandwiches.
We toasted with virgin sangarias.
And our big craving.. Icecream!! Yum!
The 3 preggos and our 'guest books', "you are my sunshine"
Me and my big belly :c)

The next day I headed up to Tulsa for shower number 4! This was hosted by Jennifer and Summer for all my Tulsa peeps!
I really enjoyed having the people around that I grew up with and have known for years- this is a pic of my mom, sister and I with our old friends we met in Norway, Chelsea and Liz. We go way back and it was so great to have them there!
We played games..
and wrote notes to Isaiah.
The country club was decorated beautifully with some of my favorite things!
I received a cloth diaper cake.. I know how difficult these are to make (your money doesn't go nearly as far..) but my friend is an avid cloth diaperer and has given me a ton of advice! I'll let you know how it goes (Ray is still not quite sure.. but the moms I know who do it are big fans)

Shower number 5 was a surprise party at work. They actually pulled off the surprise, so I didn't have a camera or anything to document it. But it was much appreciated and enjoyed!

Thank you all! I am still blown away with how blessed Ray and I are with the people who we are surrounded with. We are truly thankful for the great Christian influence and I am thrilled to know that Isaiah will be loved by so many. Now it's just time to welcome him into this world! (well, maybe after Sunday.. we have a party planned at our house on Saturday and my doc is out of town until Sunday-)

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