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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mayor's 9 Month

I have officially shot, edited, and exported/blogged my last scheduled shoot until after Isaiah comes! I have also worked my last scheduled shift at Deaconess, from here on out it's just picking up as I want/can. How exciting! For my last session, I saw my neighbor, Mayor for his 9 month pictures. I have been photographing him since his newborn pics, and we weren't sure if I would be able to do this one. But as the time neared we decided to go for it and took these sweet kiddos to Mitch park. I do have to say, shooting a 9 month old kid with a (gestationally) 9 month old in your belly isn't the easiest thing. We got some sweet pictures, but there were certainly times I felt like a beached whale after trying to get down on his level! I got some pretty shots in Isaiah's rocking chair, but I kinda want to save that for my little man to introduce.. So here's our playground pics!








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