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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our "Staycation"

*update from yesterday
I went to Katie's funeral along with a ton of other people. It was awesome to see the number of lives that she touched in her almost 30 years! The family is doing good, but I can only image how tough things will get now that the funeral is over and they get back into the routine of life. Please continue to pray that God comforts them in the tough times ahead.

Yesterday was also the last day of Ray and I's 'staycation' (although I'm too cheap to make it a real staycation). He had to use his last 3 days of vacation before he lost them today, so he took off Monday through Wednesday (don't worry, he gets his vacation renewed, and even an additional week this year(!), so he can take off a full week once Isaiah decides to come). I'm still amazed at how much I enjoy just 'being with' my husband. Like I said, I'm too cheap to spend money on a lot of things (thought about going to a hotel, but why would you do that when you have a free bed at home!), but we did enjoy a dinner at Louie's on the lake Monday night and lunch at the museum yesterday (our plans to go to the museum were cut short by the funeral). Together, we cleaned the cars, cleaned the garage, and finished Isaiah's room (yay!). We slept in together (I know we will soon be losing that ability for a loooong time..). So it was nothing super exciting, but I enjoyed it all, and realized that even on Wednesday, I still wanted to spend my time with Ray (we had our separate plans from about 2-9). Then I went to a bible study last night (kinda on a whim) where one of the girls did a study on Eve. She was telling us what she learned, and pointed out how women a woman's desire for her husband is part of the curse.

To the woman [God] said,
'"I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
with painful labor you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you." Genesis 3:16 (italics mine)

Now we were all familiar with the childbearing part of the curse (I fear I may be cursing Eve during the upcoming process...), but all of us were surprised at the desire for your husband part, although we were all too familiar with it in our own lives. When I was single, I had a friend (who is actually now my bro-in-law) call me a "femi-natzi". He was surprised after seeing me get married how much I changed (honestly, I was too!). But now I realize it is a God given desire for my husband, which I don't see as a curse much of the time, because I have a husband who does as Paul says in Ephesians 5, "25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her". And I am really excited to see him love in the role of a father! It was kinda neat the way this whole lesson played out. Now Ray is back at work and we continue to wait for I-man to make his appearance (I had my second going-into-labor dream last night).

Here's a pic from lake Hefner (Ray told me switching the camera on his iphone4 to the front would be lower quality.. I just didn't realize how much lower- sorry for all the grain!)

Love you sweetie!

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