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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge: Nursery Mobile

So for the second nursery post of the day..
I totally forgot that Young House Love was doing their Pinterest Challenge today! And because Pinterest helped to come up with the perfect DIY mobile for Isaiah's room, I thought I'd partake in this challenge.

To backtrack.. I had a lot of trouble coming up with Isaiah's mobile. At first I wanted to hang an old ceiling tile above his crib because the colors and style matched the room so well.. but then after reading about everyone's fears of art pieces falling in cribs (this is an old, rusty, heavy ceiling tile), I reluctantly changed my mind. Next I decided to do a big homemade mobile, but I wanted something that would look great from the side (for my viewing) as well as underneath (for Isaiah's viewing). I know the view from underneath is really the more important of the two, but I didn't want to compromise (I'm realizing how much I like design). Enter in Pinterest.com. I discovered this site recently, and have been hooked since. It is a totally cool way to look up and save ideas online. I started looking for mobiles that inspired me, and with Ray's assistance decided on the below.

But, I wasn't quite sure the pinwheels were exactly what I wanted to view from the side. So I took my search to the internet and found this lovely mobile, on the blog Anything Pretty. I really liked the thicker pinwheels and extreme contrast. It was said to be more time consuming than the pinwheels in the above photo, but I was spending the weekend at my mom's and found myself up to the challenge.
pinwheel mobile

And here's my final result! (the walls always look so yellow in my pictures..)

I am really excited about the way it turned out from my view.

And from Isaiah's view.

One great thing about this mobile is that the pinwheels will spin some when the air comes on.. making it a true 'mobile'!

The other cool part: this mobile only cost me a glue stick and some of my time!
Admittedly... it took A LOT of my time, especially because I modified it some to fit the supplies I already had on hand. But like I said, I was at home hanging with my family, so since I was 'multi-tasking', I think it was totally worth it!
As for the supplies..
I had the most perfect scrapbook paper left over from when I was scrapbooking back in college. The cardstock is from my sister's wedding photobooth props. The string is something I bought for my wedding (but can't remember if I even used). I printed the design for free online. I borrowed the wire from my mom. And I already had the glue gun. The only thing I did purchase was a glue stick, which I used the entire thing. The branch that the pinwheels are hanging from fell into my backyard a couple weeks prior to me starting this project (thank you wind!). And the fishing line and hooks to hang were in my garage. Not too shabby, huh?

I am very excited about all of the DIY projects we did in the nursery. I will do a full review as I get things cleaned up and put in place (we had the last of our showers and were blessed with a ton of goodies for Isaiah.. I just need to get them put up!). But I thought that this Pinterest Challenge was great because it's easy to pin a bunch of good ideas, but never do anything with them...so here's my 'doing something' with a pinwheel mobile! :c)

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