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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Maternity Pics!


Just wanted to put that out there :c)
I am overdue in posting these pics, but this are my maternity sessions with photolife group! One super big blessing with this group was to have a plethora of photographers shoot my maternity session. We set it up on one of our meeting nights as a way for people to play and learn, and for me to get some rockin' shots. There was a bit of craziness going on that led to me having a session by myself, then with Ray, then by myself again with 2 of the photogs who couldn't make it. Here's the results~

We shot at the Willis Ranch, and this pretty compilation was done by the lovely Mrs. Willis!






The next week, Ray joined the scene (not because of his desire, but because he's good at keeping me happy :c)



Then I hit up pool side. I didn't quite pull of my outfit as well as I wanted for this..

A couple weeks later I met up with 2 of our lifegroup members who live in Yukon and couldn't make the first shoot. I've never been a real big fan of all the body shots, but when done well think they can be gorgeous. Well I have to say these girls know how to shoot this well! I really treasure these shots and seeing my preggo body at pretty much full term. It'll make great memories (Sorry if this is too much, feel free to be done with this post..)
This shot was by Cheryl.. beautiful. When she first sent it to me, I had to ask, "is that me?" :c)
Chainey's take (I like the blue for my little boy :c)



Homemade birthday cakes are a tradition in my family, so I was excited when my mom gave me this book of kid cake designs! I even plan on backing Isaiah some cupcakes for the hospital (well, not really for Isaiah, but for the rest of to celebrate Isaiah's for real Birth Day!) Of course, that's if all goes as planned and I can labor at home for a bit..
My tribute to Ghana..

Thanks to everyone who provided me these lovely pics :c)

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Kriea Arie said...

Ashley!!! You look super cute!!! Love the pics!

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