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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Buy Fish"

Awhile ago I decided that Isaiah could have his first pet (yes, before he is even born).
When I was cleaning out his closet that held my left over decorating items, I came across my fishbowl (a vase I turned into a fishbowl and used for the dinner I made Ray and I for our first anniversary, complete with rocks form our wedding, seaweed thing from our honeymoon, and betta fish like the ones at our resort). So I thought.. Isaiah would enjoy watching some fish! Or if he doesn't- I can enjoy them while I rock and feed him (If I'm not totally absorbed in my sweet little baby) :c)

You can see here where they fit into the room (with the "Buy Fish" label)

So last Friday I stopped at the pet store for food for Honey, and walked out with a couple of gold fish as well. Here they are active and swimming-
This is how I found them last night. Not so entertaining for Isaiah or me.

So please just tell me that my ability to care for fish is not an indication of my mothering abilities. (on a sidenote- the plants I bought the same day are still alive, so that's a good thing!)

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Brandi Sue said...

If you're not going to have one of those things that pumps the tank I think a Beta fish is the best :) I'm not sure if that's why these died but I know the only fish I could keep alive without a pump or whatever was a beta! Only get one though because they are solitary fish.

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