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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Priscilla & Shelby Wedding

It started with a roll. Well, i guess the relationship started before the roll. But the wedding, it started with a roll. A roll that contained a ring. A ring that contained a heart. Shelby's heart to be exact. And in that 6North breakroom at Deaconess hospital on a lunch break several years ago, Priscilla said yes, yes to Shelby's heart, the ring, and I'm sure the roll. It was definitely the most exciting event that happened that day at work :c) Fast forward a couple years, past the African wedding dress shopping, location looking, and shoe debating, and we arrive at Priscilla and Shelby's big day. July 17th proved itself to be a legit summer day, making the vineyard at Tres Suenos swim with heat. But even the OK heat couldn't stifle the love in the air. Priscilla and Shelby have a sweet, innocent, fun love, which made the day a blast to shoot! I'm glad to have seen this event unfold from the begging to the end, but yet not the end, because now they have forever :c)
(click here to see the wedding preview)

The makeup

The rings

The dress

And of course, the shoes!

The guys

The girls



And the beautiful bride

Shelby's reaction to his bride coming down the isle

The ring bearer's reaction... not quite sure why he gave this, but it's cute!

If you don't remember from Chainey & Stephan's wedding... I LOVE THIS VENUE!

Look at all those closed eyes smiling :c)


An excited bride!

And happy couple

Mmmm... sweet moments

The guy's hangout.. I like the smoke, the light, the natural effect of the trees..

A happy couple



Ever after

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