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Friday, August 13, 2010

Doriean&Chad Engaged

I'll let Doriean introduce this post with an exert from her email..

"i can try to tell you about our personalities and such...chad is super laid back and very much a country boy. he (of course) isn't super thrilled about taking pics but realized we can't send our drunken facebook pictures to our grandparents. he will just want to look as cool as possible. i'm not sure how to describe myself. compared to him i'm sort of prissy. i enjoy the normal girly things. i LOVE music and absorbing a local scene if you will. maybe we can play on how different we are...or something. i don't know. you're the expert!"

I may be the one with the camera, but I tell you these two have skills! They are so beautiful together, I thoroughly enjoyed our morning together on Monday. Even though we failed at beating the heat (its been hot as soon as the sun is up all week!), we enjoyed our walk around Woodward Park in Tulsa, then downtown Tulsa. This was my first time to shoot at Woodward, but I did have my prom and engagement pics shot there :c)
Onto Doriean and Chad~

Magical early morning light..

Doriean and Chad used to spend their evenings walking around this park when they were dating

In January, Doriean packed up and moved out to Cali, but Chad didn't let her go without first putting a ring on her left hand :c)

As Doriean mentioned, Chad's country, she's city, so we incorporated both into the shoot! Thanks Tulsa, for allowing both locations within a 15 min drive!

mmm.. love the closeness of the couple, and the texture their surrounded by.

Doriean said she hasn't has professional pictures since she was 5... I'm not sure if I believe her..

Chad, your not so bad yourself..

Love the interaction with these two!

What awesome scenes are found in alleys!

Such a beautiful couple


I fell like this is more magazine-esque.
Shadow fun

Thanks Doriean and Chad! I had a blast with you both.. thanks for sweating through it with me :c)
God bless your ventures out in Cali!

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Nicky said...

Oh my goodness, Ash! I LOVE these pictures. Dori is one of my good friends and you really captured the essence of Dori and Chad. Great job!

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