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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lindsey, Sam, and a Harley :c)

Lindsey is a fellow Sandite and saw that I am now a photographer through facebook (thank you facebook :c) She asked if I could shoot some pictures of her and her boyfriend in Tulsa. Our first attempt to get together in July got rained out (yes, crazy rain in July!!), and even though last Monday was blazing hot, at least I could take my camera outside!
They wanted to include Sam's new Harley in the session and asked if that was okay... my response.. heck ya! Check out the super fun shots-

Looking tough on a sweet bike

But don't worry, we laughed as well! This guy was wanting in the pic, and I surprised him by actually including him!


On to downtown Tulsa

I caught Sam checking out Lindsey here, and when I called him out, the second pic is their reaction :c)

Can't blame ya Sam, Lindsey, your gorgeous!

I love watching couples interact

Even though I shot this same location for Doriean & Chad earlier that morning, with the changing light there were still so many new locations!

I pulled out my stalker lens and felt like a legit paparazzi with this pic :c)

So sweet

We'll end on a funny note!

Thanks Lindsey & Chad! I enjoyed getting to see you again!
To view the entire session, go to www.ashleyophoto.com/photocart
The access code is Lindsey's last name.

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