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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A bit about me-

Okay, I've been pretty busy with weddings, then engagements and family sessions, so I've been trying to make sure I show each of them to you. So in my attempt to keep business first, I've neglected to share any of my personal pics/life. Well, here they are. I'm sharing a few things from the last month that I haven't got around to post yet!

First up, Jack Johnson.
He is my favorite and I've always said that if he tours again, I'll go see him. Well, he's on his To the Sea tour right now and my sister bought tickets for her fiance. At first I declined the invite to join, not wanting to be the 3rd wheel on Matt's bday trip (Ray had to work). But on Monday I decided I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by, so I bought a lawn ticket and planned on jammin' to jack all by myself. But I was blessed, because a friend of my sister's had lawn ticket so I got to hang out with her and 2 other girls. We got rained on and invaded by loud-singing jack fan and a couple of drunk girls, but the night was beautiful. Thanks Jack, for singing to my heart :c)
(ps. I also got to watch the girl in the white and the boy in the blue in their awkward, what-is-he-thinking, should-i-hold-her-hand phase. I enjoyed it :c)

This is me after the rain

This was one of the most gorgeous sunsets. We had to drop our car off in the country, and I couldn't not capture the beauty..



In this moment, Reggie has his chin on my knee. He came over for a play date with Honey, and it reminded me of their last play date where we let them play in the water. I loved this capture!


You can't tell, but Honey has her mouth entirely over the sprinkler in this picture.. crazy dog!

Reggie likes the hose better

Also, Ray and I went to Tipton last weekend for the annual Church Picnic. I hope to do a more indepth post later, but here's my fabulous family :c)

And last but not least, I've decided to run the Jenks Half Marathon!
I'm waiting for my awesome new shoes to come in, check them out here!

Okay, so that's me! Happy Wednesday!


capturedbycheryl.com said...

looks like you had a ton of fun!! mwah!!!

Echo | Photoworks said...

<3 your life - but I'm still bitter about Jack ;)

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