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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

chainey and stephen wed

i just broke several records with this post.
1) it's the fastest i've gotten a wedding post up (or edited!)
2) it's my longest post
3) it's such a beautiful post :c)
this post is for chainey and stephen. their wedding was last saturday at tres suenos winery (i might need to add here that i looked at this location for my wedding, and fell in love with it. but my husband-to-be vetoed it (my first lesson in marital compromise..). so i was thrilled to get to shoot here!) saying that, i shot a lot.. and want to share a lot :c) it was beautiful weather, a stunning location, and an amazing couple. i'll tell you more about them as we go..
chainey's hairstylists were some friends from schardein and co.
some details of chainey's gorgeous dress
the full view
her jewelry
her flowers
into the dress
ready to be married! with proud mom in the background. i love both of their smiles
this is caleb, creel's son. you'll see him later in this post
stephen and chainey are very family centered. they chose to have stephen's daughter and son be the only members of the wedding party. here's his son coming down the isle
this is creel, leader of our photo life group from which i meet chainey and stephen. creel got his certification specifically to marry these two. very sweet
stephen's son face as his dad approached
stephen's joy
hehe, i just liked this :c)
what a beautiful flower girl
stephen's daugher and the sand ceremony table
i love seeing the brides smile as she approaches her soon-to-be husband
the sand ceremony was pretty, with the whole family and creel participating
creel's wife, heather, did the decorations, and did a fabulous job
ha! check out the faces of creel and stephen's son as chainey reads the loooooong list of virtues that she sees in stephen...
and here's chainey's face when stephen breaks into a rap during his vows (note stephen's arm out in rap-like stance.. oh yeah)
and what is a flower girl to do when dressed in white in the great outdoors? well play in the dirt, of course..
chainey loves nature and trees (so you can see why we both fell in love with this place)
my favorite exit yet. a new family :c)
chainey makes one stellar bride
the wedding party and new family
they are just a little excited!
okay, so you might get tired of seeing chainey, but she's just too beautiful!
the beautiful bouquet
the dashing stephen
i love real emotion
i really like this one as well
i love vineyards
their first dance
a view from up top
the bonus of getting married at a vineyard.. wine!
deshawna snagged this of me breaking it down with caleb.. don't be jealous ray!
and here's caleb doin' his thang in the middle of the dance circle :c)
thanks guys! it was awesome :c)


capturedbycheryl.com said...

Absolutely Incredible Ashley. They are all so beautiful. You did Great!!!

~abi~ said...

you did a beautiful job, girl!!

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