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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 wonderful years

2 years ago, on this day, i committed my life to a wonderful man.
2 years ago, on this day, i was surrounded by family and friends.
2 years ago, on this day, i fulfilled part of God's plan for my life.
and today, i am blessed.
ray, i love you. you know i can't be close enough, spend enough time with you, or stick my finger in your mouth while you yawn enough. you inspire me, support me, protect me, motivate me, balance me, and love me. i believe with all my heart that you are truly a fabulous man, and that i couldn't be luckier than to be called your wife. with 2 years already behind us, i'm thrilled to see where our future takes us. i love you forever :c)
to celebrate my anniversary this year, i decided to pick some of my favorite pics from my wedding. i have looked at these countless times, and they still put a smile on my face. i just pray that the pictures i deliver my clients can do the same.
photos from the fabulous kriea arie and abi martin
this is me reading a letter from my soon-to-be hubby

here's my emotion before walking the isle
i love how handsome my grandpa looks here
this is a beautiful shot of a couple of the flower girls
i love what a proud pop he is here
and here
i love the sneak peak at our unity ceremony
i like the kiss, but beyond that, i love my cousin mason peaking around, with his dad being the only one in the background that's visible... how ironic!
and i love this kiss pic
these pictures couldn't make me happier...
this is the maid of honor and grooms men breaking it down the isle
(kc, i'll do cartwheels down the isle if you want!)
and this is mark's expression after getting the approval from summer to not dance
here's eugene and anndrea thinking about the possibility of dancing
and then there's sydnie and eric, who don't have a clue about dancing
and here's my response, to them telling me about the above
my girls, showin' my man what's up
me, laughing at eugene's face in the below pic
our crew can totally work it!
i love being surrounded by the people we love
love the detail of my stepmom's contribution
perfect timing!
ray's eyes say it all...
so happy..
this is another nudge for darla.. hmm mmm
aww, i love my grandma and ray's grandpamy favorite reactions, my cousin landon closing his ears, guys whistling, alec's hands up.
but #1 is ruck being ruck.. love it :c)
this pic bumped it's way up once i found out my aunts were actually in the process of falling during this picture.. meaning, they hit the ground.
i love this picture, and it will always remind me of waking up at 4:00 in the morning on the day of my wedding and heading to walmart with my sister... she's so good. (that's when this guy was purchased)
okay, these are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that i love. and what i realized when going through these, is they may not be all the pictures i would have put on my blog (had i shot them), but they mean something to me. thank you for sharing in my day, and thanks again to kriea and abi.. i'm forever grateful for your fantastic work!


Lindsay said...

I just COMPLETELY teared up! Congrats on Year 2 down, much love to you and Ray!

Lindsay said...

And it's Lindsey... I'm signed into my "legal name" google account, ha

Kriea Arie said...

Oh my gosh, Ashley, I can not believe it has been two whole years! I think you are amazing and I am so happy for you both!!! Happy Anniversary!

capturedbycheryl.com said...

awww, Happy Anniversary. The pictures are so beautiful. You are so beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed to be called your friend. Love you girl!!!

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