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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Mexico Wedding: Preview

I was not intending to write this post sitting on this chair, or in this house, or even in this country! Last weekend I was blessed to be Katie and David's wedding photographer as they tied the knot at a resort on a Mexican beach. That's right, my first official destination wedding! So, to celebrate, I planned on writing this post, sitting in my room, at the resort, next to the beach. But then I realized I would much rather be at the beach than in my room. So now that I'm back in the US and there's no ocean calling my name, here's a sneak peak at this gorgeous wedding. I'm not sure if I can quite call it a peak with 13 pictures.. but here we go-

There's so many details I could drool over.. the beautiful bride, her gorgeous dress, the bright colors, and the Mexican flair... wipe..

Thank you Lord, for the splendor of Your creation.

They were excited to make it official!

A beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple!

The newly weds got to enjoy a little Mariachi music after the ceremony

Then it was picture time.
My second shooter, Chainey, captured this beauty :c)

I enjoyed playing with the beach props!

And capturing real moments :c)

Honestly, this is an all time fave.. love it!

I told you!

I don't think we're in Oklahoma anymore..

These two put together a great beach look

And for the grand finale... a dip to mimic the palm! (and Katie said they couldn't dip.... look what happens when you become one!)

There will be more to come! But first I want to say thanks so much to Katie and David and their fabulous families. We couldn't have enjoyed our time down there any more!


Gretchen said...

Great job! I loooove the last picture...so yummy!

capturedbycheryl.com said...

Great job girlie....what an awesome wedding and location to shoot at.....I'm drooling :-)

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