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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In a land far far away..

Big News!!
(No, I'm not pregnant.. I realized as soon as I typed it what you people would think!)
But it does have to do with family... Ray and I booked tickets last night for Ghana!! This will be his first trip back since he left Africa when he was 10. It will be my first time there ever. I am so excited to see the area that my husband came from and where my children's heritage will be. We will be visiting Ray's mom, who lives over there now, and other family members that Ray has not seen in a long-long time. I am excited to be immersed in a non-western culture and see Africa first hand. Of course we will be taking plenty of pictures, and I will share when we get back!
In other over-seas news.. I want to take a moment to brag on my little bro. He is over in Europe right now playing goalie for the United States soccer team. How cool! He is 16 and has already won nationals, and is now playing at the international level... I'm so proud of him! He didn't allow any goals in either of his games today... I just wish I could be there to cheer him on in person :c)

Back to the US, here's some of the pictures from our kickball game for Ray's bday. You can see the beautiful weather we had.. but we still had a blast!

Connor rockin' out some sweat bands

The winners, with the bday boy as a trophy

The #2 team

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