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Thursday, June 25, 2009

west texas and rural ok

hello from oklahoma!
we made it back safely last night, and now it's back to work, work, work before we head west to new mexico next week! for my blog today, i wanted to share some pictures i took at my dad's shop down in odessa, then i will share some of the pictures that ray took on his 'rig trip' today with chesapeake.
i fell in love with the west texas sky! the sign is for 2 of my dad's businesses
this shot says- solitude
these are turbulators, don't know what they do, but they are a big part of what my dad does..
random items..
they workers at the shop asked if i was a surveyer...
get it?
my fav.
there was cool stuff everywhere!
an old bug

this thing blew a tire on ray's first ride :c(
and here's a chesapeake rig in the eye's of ray..
i like the shadow here
good perspective..
nice lines..
i like the use of empty space
very colorful
nice perspective
oklahoma red dirt..everywhere
i like the point of focus and the perspective here
the american flag really highlights this shot
i am very proud of ray's pics here! he shot this all in manual, and without any formal lessons composition or anything, he did a fantastic job!


Lindsey said...

You two are TOO talented! Love you both :)

ray said...

I love me too!

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