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Thursday, May 28, 2009

my memorial fishing tourney

so as you know, i spent my memorial day weekend in kansas at a family fishing tournament.
it was exciting because my entire family was able to be there for this! we ate, we drank, we fished, and we enjoyed.
here's what the scene looked like when we arrived on sat. night
the official scale and record keeper of the tournament (sadly, neither ray or i were able to use this.. although my sister did several times!)
here's the view of the pond in my grandparents front yard.. not bad, huh?
and this was a photo i snapped while walking back from the lake, i was holding the camera out in front, not looking, and it captured these beautiful rays! my cousin saw the pic and wanted a canvas print right away.. i can't wait to see it! (don't worry, i'll be fixing the blur on the upper right)
my cousin lindsey, after cousin addison 'greenified' her
the front yard from lindsey's viewpoint..
here's my grandpa with an 8 lb. catfish
and here's ray (this is the closest he got to a fish all weekend)
and this is felton, my stepdad, the true catcher of the catfish, and ultimate fisherman (ie. winner of the tournament)
ray and i doing what we do..
is this not the ultimate boy pic? my cousin mason
and his dad, dave, in the ultimate man pic :c)
here's my tribute to lindsey and addison..
rockin' the boulevard
my commercial shot
in the field
this is a shot ray grabbed after my cousin fell off the bench, she's okay, so it can be funny..
and the good, good bbq we had that night

i love my family...

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Lila Lawrence said...

Awesome, Ashley! Great memories!

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