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Friday, May 15, 2009

a family affair

look, it's me and my hubby!
such a rare picture for us to take anymore.. but after the wedding of his aunt and grade school friend, ray was attending a crash course in photography (he shot the child dedications at church the next day), when he snagged this lovely shot of us. (what's even cooler, is that i had a nice little pimple in the middle of my forehead that matched my dress... not now, thanks photoshop!). but onto the wedding. like i said, this was ray's family, who we don't get to see as much as we should. so we enjoyed the night celebrating love and family. it was a beautiful wedding at cole's garden, which as the groom also said, the website doesn't do it justice. now i wasn't the primary photographer, or really even a hired photographer, but as a guest in the back row, i shot this wedding like crazy! (which yes, means i had my big stalker lens on during half the ceremony..). but seriously, when you see the pics, how could i pass it up?

here's ray, his grandpa, and dad before the wedding
these girls were also some of the flower girls in my wedding.. and i tried to catch one of the shots that abby took at my wedding that i loved..
she cried the whole way down the isle, it was beautiful
yes, ray's grandpa was the father of the bride.. and lookin' good!
another cool shot
this wedding was culture infused! all the fabric and head pieces amaze me. i don't have much of a cultural background (i consider myself from 'kansas'), but i think it's going to be neat that my kids will have a heritage that their family is very proud of.
todd and minella's daughter, enjoying her distracted parents :c)
from tears to laughter, it was beautiful
here's ray's uncle, 'looking' for the ring
again, i love the laughter! and check out how clear that ring is from the back row.. i also love my 70-200 canon IS!
simple and elegant
the kiss
another tradition, jumping over the broom
the mr. and mrs.
(i think the mrs. is a little excited)
and here's all the color and fabric i was talking about..
see, could you have passed all that up?

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~abi~ said...

what a cool wedding! {of course, yours was full of color-and coolness-as well! :)} good job on the flower girl shot ;) and on all of these! they are blessed to have had you and your camera as guests! :)

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