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Thursday, May 7, 2009

luken's lookin' good :c)

hey there! i know it's been awhile, i thought that with school being done i would have a little more time (why do we always think some day we'll have more?).
*sidenote, i just glanced down at my to-do list for the day, i did 1 out of the 5 things listed, and that's just because it was a meeting that couldn't be put off.. great job ash~
anyways, back to being busy, one of the things that kept us occupied this weekend was taking a trip up to wichita to meet my new cousin, luken! he is 3 months now, and recovering very well from the open heart surgery he had several weeks ago-which is defineatly answered prayers. we also got to celebrate my cousin laci's 9th birthday! it was great to see the family, now onto the pics..
here's the clan with the wonderful homemade chocolate cake!
and here's precious luken
this was me trying to recreate a shot of luken's older brother, landon, when he was 3 months old. when they first showed us the original, we didn't even realize it wasn't luken.. they look identical! and after 4 girls, my aunt had kept the same outfit and clown as the original.. how cool!
and this is my ballerina/drama queen

i am blessed with such an amazing family, and i am proad to call this family a part of my own. they are good solid christians, and it was so cool to hang out with these well-behaved kids :c)

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