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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Mothers Day

My first official Mothers Day was this past Sunday (Happy belated Mothers Day to all you mommas!). We were able to enjoy the day together as a family without any plans (which is something I adore). All I asked for from my little man was for a good nights sleep (he ended up giving me one of the worst nights to date.. more on that later). He must take after his dad, who is not a big one for cards (unless I do some major prompting). Thankfully his sitter helped him make this sweet gift for me last Thursday (which is something I was wanting to do for Christmas but they ended up selling out of the kits!). Alice, his sitter, has also been working with Isaiah to say "momma" for mothers day :c) These things make my heart happy. Look at his adorable hand and foot- IMG_1750
Then there's this picture, it really makes my heart happy. I honestly have sat and stared at it for a while tonight.  I posted it on facebook, and people thought I cut his hair and that he looked so much older. I didn't and he is getting older!IMG_1748
The not so happy part of this picture is the reason I took it. After asking for a good nights sleep from Isaiah, he had a couple really bad nights of sleep (he's had a cold all week, which has been keeping him up more at night). Ray spent some time with him Friday night, so I could have some rest for my run on Saturday. I then spent some time with him on Saturday night, which bled into Sunday (Mother's Day). I know a holiday doesn't really do much but bring recognition to something, but I couldn't help but think about how endless a mother's job is. My friend Summer said it well when she posted "Mother's require patience, compassion, unconditional love, hardwork, sleepless nights...etc and God has set good examples of those in my life. He gave us all a purpose and so proud I can say I know some of the best moms in the world! Happy Mother's Day!" I know it isn't all about sleep, but when Sunday night came around and Isaiah didn't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, was up more than 8 times, and stayed up for an hour at one point.. and Ray and I both had to work the next day, I was quite exhausted. But we both made it through the work day, and when Isaiah went to bed last night, he slept.. and slept and slept! This morning when he woke up, happy and without a buggery nose, I was ecstatic. Which prompted me to take the above picture. All it takes is a poor night's sleep to appreciate a good nights sleep! Hope you all sleep well!

And because this pic was in my phone and I think it's cute, I decided to share it as well! Isaiah with the fish aunt Kacey caught out of our back pond.

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