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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Master Judy

Congratulations Judy! Ray's little sister graduated with her masters of counseling psychology from OU today! We got to to watch her walk, then go out to eat with some of Ray's family. Below are the pics-

Ray was on camera duty while I was off on baby duty.. so we missed the actual walking across the stage..

But here's the proud grad!Judy'sGraduationBlog-2
A 4 generations pic (if things continue, Isaiah will be several inches taller than Ray!)
Judy with her dad- Judy'sGraduationBlog-4
and brotherJudy'sGraduationBlog-6
and bothJudy'sGraduationBlog-7
Judy with her grandpa-Judy'sGraduationBlog-5
and with her auntJudy'sGraduationBlog-9
and grandmaJudy'sGraduationBlog-8
and cute cousin!Judy'sGraduationBlog-11
Here I amJudy'sGraduationBlog-10
And here's their whole family!Judy'sGraduationBlog-12
One of Judy's favorites ;c) Judy'sGraduationBlog-13
Won't he make an adorable grad!Judy'sGraduationBlog-14
Our family.. goofyJudy'sGraduationBlog-15
Our family, for real..
Judy'sGraduationBlog-16Congratulations Judy! So proud of you and all your hard work! Praying for your future!
Prior to graduation today, I ran my first Dirty 30 race. It was a lot of fun (and I survived)- I hope to post pics soon!

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