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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Britney and Rajeev's Wedding, Part 2

Here is the final post for Britney and Rajeev! Their 4 day wedding left me with a ton of great pictures.. here's some from the 3 days surrounding the wedding day.

First was the Mendhi ceremony on Thursday night. Although this is not a tradition in the area Rajeev's mom is from, they couldn't pass up on another night to celebrate! For an Indian ceremony, this is the time when the bride will have henna drawn on, but since Britney was having a traditional American ceremony, she skipped the henna until after the wedding. Everyone else enjoyed getting the beautiful adornments!


Not only were people adorned with traditional Indian wear, but so was the houseMendhiBlog-1

The groomsmen had fun with the temporary tattoos, this read "Britney and Rajeev Forever"MendhiBlog-2

The beautiful couple with their sweet familiesMendhiBlog-4

Love their sweet looks at each other (photo credit: Sunny Thomas- www.daybreakpics.com)MendhiBlog-3

Couldn't pass up this opportunity to shoot a belly (there are twins in there) and pretty artwork! MendhiBlog-6

Friday was the rehearsal, with an Indian flair. Here's the wedding party lookin' good-RehearsalBlog-3

And the guys goofing offRehearsalBlog-1Beautiful


The rehearsal dinner was held at the Waterford, where family and friends celebrated Indian style.RehearsalBlog-7

The speeches lead to many giggles :c)RehearsalBlog-8There were also some tender moments..


And party moments! Here is Dr. Ram (Rajeev's dad) gettin' down with the harmonica!RehearsalBlog-9

Sunday after the wedding, Rajeev's parents hosted a brunch at their house. I ended up getting sick, so my good friend Deshawna-www.echophotoworks.com (who second shot the wedding with me) photographed the event. All the following pictures are hers, by the looks of it, I missed a great event! I can't explain the traditions here as well since I wasn't there, but it looks just gorgeous-B+R-BrunchBlog-1The welcoming party


Traditional candleB+R-BrunchBlog-3

And another candleB+R-BrunchBlog-5

Newlywed love :c)B+R-BrunchBlog-4

What a pretty brideB+R-BrunchBlog-6

This is Britney's grandma getting Mendhi done, I don't think I've seen a pic of her where she is not grinning ear to ear.. love it!B+R-BrunchBlog-7

Thank you Deshawna, Sunny, and Gay for shooting with me!
Thank you to the Rams and Martins for being so kind to me during these events,
I enjoyed so much of capturing all the amazing details and sweet people during this wedding!
Many blessings to Britney and Rajeev-

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