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Saturday, February 14, 2009

sharin' the love

valentines day.. all about the love.
i was blessed today to be able to take part in a mission that focused on our love for our neighbors. as i told you, a tornado hit a couple miles away from where i live and did some major damage. so life church threw together a last minute v-day mission to help cleanup the neighborhood. this is the second time i've helped after a tornado's hit, the first was last summer in greensburg, ks (thankfully this wasn't as bad). in the neighborhood where we were at, there was mainly a lot of downed trees, and roof tiles. some houses were hit, while others stand intact. such is the nature of a tornado..
cheryl and i were there representing plg and captured some great images. after shooting for a bit, i had to warm up my hand by donning some work gloves and digging into the debris!

chainsaws were a necessity of the day
there were missing roofs..
missing fences..
and missing buildings.
here's a shot of a ladder that was deposited in this man's shed
but it was great to see the amount of people who showed up to serve!
even the kids were there to serve!
teamwork was key.
with many hands working..
.. we saw great progress!
here's cheryl, always with a smile :c)
all in a day's work

now, to finish up my v-day, i'll be shooting a wedding later tonight!
have a great day!
much love ~ashley o.

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