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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'ash'ley wednesday

happy 'ash'ley wednesday!
that's right... i'm claiming today as mine.
the first reason is because it truly is ash wednesday, a day recognized by catholics as being the first day of lent. and having grown up catholic, this day has always marked the beginning of my fast from whatever i deem as wonderful that year. this year i will be giving up delicious chocolate and some exciting blogging (but don't you worry now.. i will continue to be writing my own, i just won't be checking out other people's blog's).
the second reason is that it is my birthday today! but above and beyond that, it is my 25th birthday on the 25th day of february! so this day is truly a once in a lifetime day, and i'm claiming it :c). but even when you have your own day, life must go on. i do have clinicals tonight, but i decided to let everyone out at 7 instead of 10 so i can go have dinner with my fabulous hubby (ahh, the power of a teacher :c). then this weekend i am celebrating with a 'golden' birthday party (turning the age of the date of your birthday is referred to as your 'golden birthday'). so i will definalty post pictures of that event. but for now, here's some oldies..
here's me and my dad :c)
doesn't this swing look super exciting!
and this is about how my hair look right now..
mmm.. don't stand between a girl and her ribs!
this continues to be my motto.. i win!
i love this pic of me, my mom, and little sis!


Kriea Arie said...

Oh No!!! Not giving up blogging again?!?!?! I dont know if I could do such a thing :) Happy Birthday!!!!

ashley o. said...

it's tough, i tell ya.. but lent is about the sacrafice. my husband is giving up looking up sports on line (which is equivilant to my blogging).. big stuff!

Lila Lawrence said...

Aaaaahhhhh, so cute! Brings back good memories! You were as cute then as you are now! Hope you had a great birthday, sweetie! Love you!

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