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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sydnie's Little Man Shower!

*note: Ray "had to have" the computer when I was working on this post to register to win a new car. By the end of it, I was sleepy and went to bed, so sorry for not writing! (and no, we didn't win)... on to the post!

My good friend Sydnie is expecting her first baby boy and I couldn't be more excited for her! She makes the 4th out of our group of 5 to have a baby within the last 6 months..whoa baby! She helped put on the sweetest sunshine shower for 3 of us this past summer, so we wanted to make this extra special for her. We went with the theme "little man" and enjoyed a fabulous night together!

Here's the table set up (dern backlighting... you think I could have planned that better!)
The lovely pompom chandelier (I still have this up a week later.. it's too pretty!)
Our craft section, onesies and a baby blanket
The beautiful Sydnie and fabulous Beth (okay, Syd is fabulous and Beth is beautiful as well!)
Our bowtie diaper garland
Yum food!
Sausage and Fried Mac-and-Cheese "Balls" (thanks Pintrest!)
Chicken Salad "Man-wiches"
"Bowtie" Pesto Pasta
Fruit "On-A-Stick" (yes... I stretch a theme to it's max!)
Our yummy lemonade!
Preggers and me :c)
My baby and I! If you notice his shirt, he's totally rocking a giraffe with a mustache, on a yellow shirt.. too perfect! (Now you know my obsession with themes!). ps, I didn't get a pic, but had his jumper sitting by the front door... we deemed him "Bouncer" and gave him a list!
Love these girls!
Busy Crafting..
And for a few details.. Just for Syd M&M's!
"Un-Man Your Hands" Scrub

Can't wait to meet baby Gavin next month!

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Emily said...

What a great picture of you and Isaiah!

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