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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My PhotoLife Group

I probably haven't talked about it in a while, but PhotoLife Group is alive and kickin'! I am still hosting it at my house every Tuesday, and it's been great the way it's grown in both photographers and their commitments. Photo Life has helped me become the photographer that I am, and I consider my fellow Lifers like family (and they have taken care of me like family, ie. meals postpartum and Christmas presents and all). What's really awesome, is my church recognized how rockin' we are! They needed a video to show at church about lifegroups, and asked to shoot ours (uh-oh, a bunch of photogs in front of the camera!). Below is the video they showed at the end of church the past 2 weeks (before this week).
I love my life group :c)

PS. Normally when anticipating being on camera, I would put some effort into how I look (understandably). But this time I was trying to get both Isaiah and I ready, just kinda pulled back my hair and dressed warm. I wonder if I should have cared more, but I'm kinda happy that I can just be okay with me in every day!
PPS. My high school friend Trent and his fiance (I'll be shooting their wedding in August) saw this in church (I'm learning about a lot of people who attend Life that I didn't realize). When Trent saw me, he told his fiance "That's Ashley!". She said she didn't know who I am, so he replied "Our wedding photographer". She apparently got excited and said "Ooo, we have a famous wedding photographer".- Ha! Not sure if this launches me into the 'Famous Photographer' category :c)

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