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Thursday, December 24, 2009

a white Christmas eve

iii'm dreaming of a whiiiite Christmas!
wait, this is no dream. this is a blizzard!
we woke up to a sleeting rain this morning, which then turned into snow, and has not stopped since. we tried to drive to church (3 miles away), but had to turn around when we were less than a mile away due to cars stuck on the road. so now we're barricaded in our home, nice and cozy for the time being. deaconess called to see if i could come in tonight, they are short on nurses and in an emergency situation. in years past i've made it to work in terrible conditions because i know my job as a nurse can't stop, but on the advice of my husband and stepdad, i will be staying home tonight and i'll try to make it there in the morning. if your reading this, please take a moment and pray for the hospitals, medical staff, emts, and patients. not only is working during the holidays tough, near blizzard conditions make it stinkin' difficult.
i pulled out my camera (had to dust it off a little, it's been a couple weeks..) to capture ray and i's Christmas eve day.
honey loves water, therefore, she loves snow.

and just like a kid, she tried to catch snowflakes on her tongue

she's beautiful :c)

the scene out our front door, captured by my hubby

i think honey's starting to feel the cold..

(ps. the rest of the pics were captured through a glass, as we were too big of wimps to be outside)

my roomie's dog, nekko, looks at home in the snow!

just don't eat the yellow snow~

haha.. out of focus, but man how she enjoyed it out there!

i've only seen the fake, spray-on snow ever look like this

today i made my first attempt at cinnamon rolls, they don't compare to aunt lisa's, but they'll fill a belly on a cold day

i also wrapped presents this morning for my roommate. since ray and i decided not to do presents this year, it was nice to have something to put under the tree!

this is what the snow looks like when i open the door

nothing like real snow on a fake Christmas tree

i hope you all are safe and warm. Merry Christmas


Lindsey said...

Can't BELIEVE the snow you all got- glad you all were safe and warm. Heard about you going in today and getting stuck once- hope you get home safely tonight. Merry Christmas!!!

Brandi Sue said...

absolutely LOVE the fist two! They are so cute!!

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