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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

joseph is not Jesus's father

i love watching my hubby interact with children.
as bad as he thinks he is at it, he's actually very good (except for the babies.. but he's improving in that area)
tonight ray and i had planned on attending the 7:00 Christmas service at lifechurch. but instead of attending, we ended up serving in the 5-year-old room. there were about 20+ kids with 5 adults, so we definitely had our hands full. it was interesting to see the personality of the kids come out in such a short time. i'm especially amused by the outgoing kids, because that was soooo not me. i was timid and shy, scared to ask a stranger what time it is or dance at a wedding reception. tonight i had 2 kids sit in my lap, a few want to dance with me, and half a dozen tell me all about them, their Christmas plans, and their missing teeth. right from the get-go ray sat down and started interacting with the kids. he talked to them and tried to help them make friends with each other. i encouraged them to run (until another adult came by and told them to slow down...). ray comforted the lonley, i had a kid correct me when i called joseph Jesus's dad..
so, the morale of the story, i can change a diaper, and ray can do the rest :c)
we did find out that we missed a pretty awesome experience tonight, but now worries, there will be 4 more experiences at lifechruch.tv okc campus tomorrow. service times are

1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm, 5:30pm
there are about 10 other locations, so check the link to see if there is a church near you. if not you can also watch online.
Merry Christmas!

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