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Friday, December 4, 2009

loving my spouse

okay, so this is about the quickest i've ever made another post. but after i made my last post, i checked lauren clark's blog, in which she did a post about how thankful she is for her husband. at the end, she asked, 'have you been loving your spouse lately?'. well lauren, yes, yes i have been loving my sweet husband. as a matter of fact, he has simply amazed me with his acts of kindness this last week. and i'm sad that i didn't think to share it with you earlier. from driving a u-hual (err, budget rental van if the budget lady is ready this..) down the turnpike in the rain, to going to wal-mart at 11:15 pm to buy a saw to cut our tree trunk down so it will stand. he cleaned and vacuumed for my party last night, helped our friends move the washer and dryer to their mother's house, screwed the tree into our stand a couple million times, thanked me and kissed me and loved me all week without be asked to do any of this. i told him last night that i realize the effort he put into helping me this week, and said that he knows that i just really love this time of the year, so he wanted to help. it literally brings tears to my eyes :c). he's been getting to bed late, and has not complained and he is dedicated to reading the Word no matter what time he climbes into bed. i feel so blessed to be paired up with this man for life, and i am so proud of who he is. this is definitely long and wordy, and you probably don't give a rip, but i just want to let the world know that i love my husband.
so i'll pass along the question...
have you been loving your spouse lately?
this is a snapshot i took with my iphone, as my hero was doin' what he does.

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