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Thursday, July 9, 2009


it's official.
the 'myphone' is gone, and i'm now the owner of an iphone! (sorry darla..)
the story goes like this
my camelbak water bottle (which i am in love with, by the way) decided to do the dirty dead, and terminate my relationship with my old flip phone on monday evening. we had just gotten back in town from new mexico with our trunk full of camping equipment, back seat full of trader joes (another love of mine), and honey, ray, and i crowded in the front. we had all of our gadgets in the middle consul (both our phones and our ipod), when my water bottle decided to cleverly drown my phone. i say cleverly because both ray's phone and the ipod made it out of the bath with out a problem. but when i go to turn on my phone, the blue screen of death appears, then disappears, and that's it. it was the end of what i think was a 4 year relationship with my phone. now, i have been debating the iphone for several months (with all kinds of appropriate justifications!), but i couldn't bring myself to pay double or more of what i already pay each month. buuut, now that i'm without a phone, not under a contract, and currently with at&t, i decided to check it out. and sure enough.. i'm bummed i didn't do it earlier! it looks like it's only increasing my bill by about $25 a month..yay! so to end this twisted love story, i want to apologize to anyone who has tried to call me since monday, because as you read, i'm not getting your calls. the only sad part of this story is that at&t is currently out of the phone i wanted, so i have to wait for it to come in. so, if you continue to try to call me, i will continue to not get your calls. but thanks for the love!
speaking of love, two of our couple friends in our life group were induced to have their baby today! of course, with out a phone i don't know an update, but please keep their families (and the 2 baby boys) in your prayers. thanks!

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