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Monday, July 13, 2009

a bridal learning session

here i go appologizing again.
i know i've been posting more 'life' posts than 'photography', and that all the posts have been few and far between, but with vacationing taking us out of town, and work occupying every day we're in town.. i've been busy. plus, my photoshop has been acting up.. so i can't save my edited pics. so that means i'm posting some pictures i took a couple weeks ago from a 'teaching' session our talented teacher creel held for us at the botanical gardens. our models were an already married couple from sapulpa, and on of our pl.tv members, chainey (even though i love her pics, she's a beautiful bride, i'll have to wait until after her wedding in a couple months to share them with you..). onto my unedited, uncolorcorrected, unaltered pictures (now you can appreciate what photoshop can do!)

i like the curves here..

cute couple

love this one

and here's some of the background action going on. i've never shot with this many other photographers (there were about 10 if us), it was fun!

our fearless leader

and his faithful sidekick hard at work.. (note the toe point :c)


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