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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my family session

does anyone else have this problem?
i like a clean closet, but i also get very lazy when it's getting close to bedtime. so if my closet is clean, i will usually hang up my clothes, to keep it clean, but if i let one article of clothing hit the floor, then it's all over. there's no point in hanging up the next piece of clothing if there's already something on the floor, so i give the floor article a buddy to be with. that continues until i can't stand it, clean it all up, then start the process over.
well that's what i feel like this blog has been lately. i've wanted to blog since the day i got my iphone (which i'm lovin'), but my posts just keep getting 'thrown on the floor' for the next day. well it's clean up day.. lucky you!
and there's no better way to start again than with family, so here's some a family session i took of my dad, stepmom, and my siblings when i was in texas last month. enjoy!
from left to right, barron, dad, darla, bailey, and brett
i know i'm getting old, because now i'm the one saying
'there getting so ooold!' pretty soon i'll be pinching their cheeks too...
this is the oldest of the 3, brett, who will be 16 next month! he reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. i snagged this picture while trying to get the right settings for an extreme backlit pic, but i really like his expression here.. he's getting so old!! ;c)
this is certainly one soccer-lovin' family! (this full sized goal is in their backyard)
from another angle
here's the fam by their pool
and this picture.. oh, this picture is my family
barron (middle) made a joke about bailey, and while dad and brett hide their laughs, darla gives all the boys the look only a mother can give.. oh it makes me laugh..
haha.. got your feet dad :c)
don't i have a good lookin' family?
here's my dad and darla.. so cute!
they're getting close to 20 years of marriage!

thanks for hanging with me! there will def. be more photo sessions for you to view in the next couple months, i hope you enjoy your day!

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Kelly Beane said...

nice analogy and i couldn't relate to you more! i would love to get together soon... it's been way too long! your family is beautiful!

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