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Friday, July 24, 2009

my iphone photos

in my last post, i mentioned loving my iphone.
for all of you who don't have one, i'm not trying to rub it in, there's just not a whole lot that's not to love! but the thing i've been most excited about, is not the instant internet, mobile mapquest, or appealing apps (which are all great), but its the carry-around camera! for those who don't know, since my freshman year of college, i have lost 6 point-and-shoot cameras, and the only reason the number is that high is because i have a husband who likes to spoil me. but after 6 (six!) we had to call it quits. by this point i already had my dslr, but that usually isn't in my pocket for those spur of the moment occasions, it can't fit in a purse for a night out, and it def. stands out in a crowd. so, after over a week with my iphone, now i can share some of my daily life with you!

one of the first pictures i took on my phone, this was on my drive to work in the morning. there's about 2 weeks out of the enitre year when i get to see the sunrise on my way to work, and i love those 2 weeks!

this is my plate of food from the restaurant that the app, urbanspoon, chose for us. it was fabulous!
this is my church lobby right now, it's the series 'at the movies', and we have the star wars theme, you should come check it out this weekend!
here's ray and i attending a friends wedding at the dominion house last weekend
and of course, honey, my favorite subject :c) she's a mighty fierce dog...
and for your viewing pleasure...

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Patina by Belinda said...

i wanna see pictures of your flowers!

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