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Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Weeks Pregnant

Well we've made it. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester, and man do I already miss 2nd tri! Little man (who's name is Elijah Gray, or Eli) turned 30 weeks yesterday. I had a doctors appointment, all is well. I haven't had much for symptoms beside fatigue, bad dreams, and shoulder pain in the first trimester. I feel like second trimester came with a surge of energy the the desire to get some house projects done. I felt great, fit my clothes, and enjoyed all the little kicks. Now I'm starting to feel the fatigue come back on, I'm already having a hard time keeping this tummy fully covered, and I'm quick tempered and highly emotional, boo. But I am enjoying the punches and pushes from Eli, and can't believe that he'll be here in around 2.5 months! I'm finally realizing that we will actually have a baby again at the end of this, and actually got down all the baby clothes, washed and put them up this week (it's a bit early, but since I felt like doing it, had everything I needed- thanks to our neighbors for the free dresser for it to all go in!- and the time/energy, I figured I might as well get it done. I also bought Eli his first non handy-down items at a garage sale a couple weeks ago (another good thing about garage sales, Eli won't be able to complain that Isaiah got everything new, because they both have closets full of used stuff!). It was an adorable gap beanie (for $0.10- crazy!) and a cute frog stuffed animal. It makes me happy to have something just for baby! Below is my 30 week pic, which I didn't even realize until editing that I wasn't wearing makeup- nice... I think it shows my feelings for this week...

Isaiah turned 21 Months this week as well. How do you like his fake smile? I'm just happy he's sitting and looks decent, I tried to do a mini session of him this weekend in Kansas, man is this age tough to be in front of a camera-

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