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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our May

Happy Memorial Weekend! We are excited to be in Tipton with my family enjoying some relaxing time and good food :c) But before we get home and I post about that (hopefully), I wanted to give an update on some other things I haven't been blogging. First was our trip last week to the lake. This was our second time to join our friends at their lakehouse on Lake Eufaula. It was a nice relaxing weekend, not quite the best lake weather (the lake was still freezing!) but we were able to make it into the boat, enjoy the sand beach, and again, eat good. Here's a pic of Isaiah with his borrowed dump truck enjoying the sandy beach.
 Sand and trucks are all a boy needs-
Such a cool dude
Here he is lovin' on "the baby" he became obsessed over!
 As you can see from Ray's face, this was a pretty intense game of bocce ball, a lake tradition
 I snapped this with my phone the first morning there, I love the beach at sunrise :c)
Isaiah also had his first boat ride and intertube experience, but I haven't gotten those pictures yet.. Thanks to Cory and Carly for hosting us!

 Here are the gifts form Isaiah on my second Mothers Day. He was so proud of his hand prints on the bag and fngerprint on my necklace. By this point, it was close to bedtime and he wanted to continue feeding me the m&m's he gave me.

The Saturday before Mothers Day we invited the LaRue crew over for dinner. Isaiah LOVED playing with all the kids! Like his coolwhip mustache?

I have been wondering for a while when I would get the classic pic of my son sitting in the cereal with the guilty look on his face- well, it never happened. But he did get in the cereal by himself for the first time, and it looks like him and the dog are up to something...
 For over a year now, Ray's dad has been coming to a doctor in OKC for his eyes. It makes for a great time to get to see him, and Isaiah certainly enjoys the time together. Here they are reading a book :c)

I hope you enjoy the weekend- no more computer time for me!

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